Saturday, June 02, 2007

Almost Lost a Posse Member

Amy and I were looking forward to another leisurely outing to the
waterfront with Jada. We walked to the subway stop, went through the
turnstiles, and waited for the next train. And then we realized Mao
was missing.

"Mao," which is Mandarin for "cat," is actually a stuffed Eeyore
donkey. Jada just thinks it looks like a cat, hence the name, Mao.
Mao is an integral part of Jada's posse, and today Mao was the one
selected to accompany Jada on her outing.

Only somewhere between leaving the house and getting to the train
platform, we had lost Mao. We retraced our steps within the subway
station to no avail. I was about to give up when Amy insisted I
retrace further. I was skeptical - what were the chances of finding a
donkey on the streets of Philadelphia?

But I retraced our path one block further, then two, and finally
three. I was about to turn back for the subway station, when I
spotted a furry gray thing across the street. It was Mao. I
practically jumped out into traffic racing towards Mao, and then
skipped my way back to the subway station to happily reunite Jada to
one of her posse members.

Amy was so happy she almost cried. Jada seemed happy, too, although
she proceeded to drop Mao about two dozen more times this evening.
Still, it would have been awfully painful for her to lose a posse
member. I'm glad Amy urged me to keep looking.

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