Saturday, June 02, 2007

Happy Memories

We had another great time on the waterfront. Jada was especially in a
good mood. And why not? She got to eat crispy fries at a sidewalk
cafe, ride on her mama's shoulders, and even eat chocolate ice cream.

In fact, at times, she was so happy she squealed with delight. More
than once, I smiled at Amy and told her that she was filling our
daughter with happy memories. It's exactly what we've wanted for our
children: that their childhood is full of happy times where they can
be kids and feel the wind in their hair and just get loved on by their

Being adoptive parents, we have a unique perspective on the whole
"nature vs. nurture" debate. Also, as Christians, we believe God
makes each baby unique and special. Not that we have no
responsibility as parents - far from it - but that all we can do is
our best, and trust God - and the genetics He gave our kids - for the

To continue that thought and to use an analogy, it's like each of our
kids is a glass of water. It's our job to pour in as much good stuff
and stir it up. We can't control how our kids will turn out. But we
can do our best to pour in as many happy memories as we can. I'm
thankful to God tonight we got to do some pouring.

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