Monday, April 02, 2007

Disappearing Daughter

We were in the basement rec room of a local seminary for a friend's
birthday party. I was having trouble keeping Jada in the room where
we all were, she kept wanting to run out the door and down the long
and inviting hallway. I'd be in mid-story when she'd dart around the
corner and I'd have to say, "Excuse me," chase Jada down, and then
pick up where I'd left off.

About the third or fourth time this happened, I turned the corner . .
. and saw nobody. To the right was the rec room's kitchen. I peeked
in - nobody. Down the long hallway - nobody. To the left - an

I pressed the button and who should appear but my little girl. She
had pressed the button as she turned the corner, and when it opened,
she darted in and the doors had closed behind her. Luckily, she
didn't then press any floors, otherwise she'd be whisked away to
another floor and I'd have to have the maintenance guy lock down the
whole building while we got reconnected with Jada.

A little scary, but also good for a laugh. Jada found the whole thing
quite amusing, as did I. Still, after that incident Amy and I kept a
much closer eye on her for the rest of the party.

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