Monday, April 02, 2007

Oh, the Humanity!

Jada has been a little on the crabby side this week, mostly on account
of being tired. (Yesterday's four-hour nap confirmed that.) But also
because she's becoming so melodramatic.

Her verbal skills are still a little behind others, so sometimes it's
easier to whine or shake than to ask. Plus I'm sure we all too often
give her what she wants when she cries instead of helping her towards
more appropriate communications.

I think also that's just how she is; she feels things deeply. So, for
example, when we were driving home from a birthday party this weekend,
and she dropped her teddy bear, of course she had to exclaim, "Bear!
Bear! Oh, Bear!" as though she were reciting Shakespeare.

We're hoping this phase is a short one, as we're growing weary of her
whining. But we also hope she never loses her passion and her zest.
After all, being a drama queen, if channeled appropriately, can help
you go a long way in life.

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