Monday, April 02, 2007

Playing House

In my other blog, I recently posted about how much Amy and I love the
location of our house. Speaking of location, there's another house
that is conveniently situated: Jada's play house. It's currently the
middle room of our first floor and will eventually be our dining room.
But for now, it's largely empty and we've started to fill it with
various toys.

So it's become Jada's little play house area. She has a toy front
door, a toy kitchen, a toy sleeping area for all her stuffed animals,
a table for drawing, and even a toy car. It's really cute to watch
her putter around her toy house, tucking her teddy bears in, going for
a ride in her car, putting her apron on and frying some chicken.

Maybe we'll hold off on buying that dining room set.

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