Monday, March 19, 2007

Losing Your Head

It was a good day for Jada: up early meant no rush to get out the door
to day care, fun times with her play buddies, lots of good books with
Daddy before bedtime. So Amy and I were puzzled when, five minutes
after I'd put her down for the night, she started shrieking. It was
disconcerting enough that Amy asked me if we should intervene. I
said, "Give her time," but after barely three minutes, the shrieking
had escalated instead of waning.

I decided to peek in, and found her standing in her crib . . . with
the bandage that had been on her forehead crumpled up in her hand.
Apparently, she had picked at it and picked at it and picked at it
until it came right off. And what a scare that must have been: either
she thought that a part of her head had fallen off, or that the rest
of her body would now ooze out of the little hole that that bandage
was covering.

I calmed but seriously spoke into the baby monitor: "Amy, we need a
bandage down here, stat." Amy dutifully came downstairs, applied the
bandage to Jada's forehead, and kissed her goodnight. And Jada calmed
down immediately, got quiet, and within minutes was fast asleep.

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