Friday, December 08, 2006


My dad is really into astronomy. To say it's a hobby doesn't do
justice to his skill level and the many constructive ways he uses that
skill, from giving lectures to volunteering with a local junior high
astronomy club.

So it might be fun for him to know that his granddaughter also likes
to look into the sky. The other night, Amy and Jada were out in the
early evening. It was terribly windy, and the clouds were whipping
past the moon. Jada stood there watching for a full fifteen minutes,
which is like an eternity for someone as perpetually in motion as she
is. Every so often, she would point upwards and say, "Moo!"
(Admittedly, the "n" sound in "moon" is hard to hear.)

For the rest of the week, whenever we would be out in the evening, she
would scan the skies for the moon, and when she would find it, she'd
excitedly point to it and say, "Moo!" So I think she'll be getting
some more astronomy lessons from her Agong when she sees him next.

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