Thursday, December 14, 2006

For most parents, the day their child learns the word "no" is a dark
day. For it soon becomes that child's favorite word, said so often
you instinctively reach for the aspirin every time you hear it.

That may yet be the case for us, but for now we're quite happy Jada's
learned the word. For it's a step toward her communicating what she
wants in ways that don't involve shrieks and tantrums. "Ready for
dinner?" "No!" "Do you want this book?" "No!" "More water?" "No!"

Of course, when it's time for us to get her to do something that she
doesn't have a say in, there's no question-asking, just us hauling her
off to the dinner table or the bedroom. But when we're able to be
flexible, it sure is nice to not have to guess what Jada wants.

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