Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Calm Before the Storm

With #2 on the way, and #3 not that far behind, the juggling act that
is parenting is about to become a lot more complicated. Which makes
the next few months a bit of calm before the storm. I recall hustling
around right before we got Jada, thinking to myself that anything I
could do pre-Jada would be infinitely easier to do post-Jada, whether
it was seeing friends or finishing a house project or taking a trip.

And I find myself thinking the same way now. Jada, handful that she
is, is a good girl and an easy kid to take care of. She sleeps well,
plays well by herself, and is old enough to not need to be watched
every second but not old enough to be worrying about friends and boys
and looks. But once #2 arrives, not only will he be a handful, but
we'll want to pay extra attention to Jada so she understands she's
still our #1.

So even as I'm bracing for the storm, I'm trying to make the most of
the calm while it's calm. Somebody remind me that part of making the
most of the calm is taking it easy, too, lest I get lost in fixing
things around the home or whisking Jada away on a feverish itinerary
of fun adventures.

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