Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wants to Be a Big Girl

Jada so wants to be a big girl. When we're at the park, she'll
intently observe the bigger kids as they navigate the playground
equipment, as if with enough studiousness, she too can shimmy down the
pole or climb the bars. Her favorite toys are not pure toys like
stuffed animals or building blocks but rather toy versions of adult
things, like her toy shopping cart or her toy house. She has even
taken to swinging her hand and looking at her wrist when she's sitting
in her stroller, because she sees us doing the same (pumping our arms
and checking the time).

I'll be glad when she becomes a big girl, too, although that age
presents its own challenges as a parent. But for now, I'm trying also
to make the most of her time as a little girl. As I've said before,
she only grows forward; she'll never be the same age as she was today.
So even as we both look ahead to the greater things she can do
tomorrow, I hope we'll both enjoy what's precious today.

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