Thursday, September 07, 2006

First Day, OK

With Amy back in school this semester, we've got Jada in day care a
couple of days a week. There was no space at the old place, so we
found a new one, a small home-based set-up in our neighborhood. As I
was getting Jada ready the morning of her first day, I explained to
her where she was going to go for the day. But I admit I was a little
nervous about how she would do. Would she be afraid or tentative,
being in a new setting with new people? Would she miss being home
with Amy?

As I entered the day care worker's home that morning, I held my breath
to see what Jada's first impressions would be. The first five seconds
would set the tone for the whole day, I figured. How would Jada

I unlatched her from the stroller and plopped her on her feet on the
floor. She went immediately to the toy truck next to her, curled up
with it, and began to play quietly. How she loves her trucks. I went
over some instructions with the day care worker, kissed my daughter on
the forehead, and headed out the door. This first day, she would be

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