Saturday, August 19, 2006

First Bike Ride

We bought a bike trailer last month to two Jada around on our bike rides but just got around to testing it out today. The first attempt was not unlike how imagine the Wright brothers when they gave flight a go. Let’s just say there were snags. For one, my back wheel became detached from my bike frame. For two, Jada’s oversized helmet drooped over her face, rendering her unable to enjoy the view. Fortunately, we quickly rectified those two problems and enjoyed a smooth, albeit short, ride.

Jada’s got a slight cold and had just woke up from a nap, so her reaction to her first bike ride was surprisingly muted. Not scared, but nor was she saying “Whee,” like she likes to when she rides the swings or slides down the slides. Kind of a “What sort of contraption am I in and where the heck are we going” kind of look.

Anyway, hopefully, we’ll get to do a longer test soon.
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