Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fruit Monster and Perpetual Motion

You know how Cookie Monster on Sesame Street just shovels cookies into his mouth as fast as he can, without regard to things like chewing and etiquette? Jada is the same way with fruit. She loves fruit, would eat just fruit if she had her druthers, and can shovel the fruit in at a pace and vigor that would make Cookie Monster proud. So much so that sometimes Amy and I just call her Fruit Monster, and sing to her: "F is for fruit, that's good enough for me . . . "

I don't think that nickname will stick. Nor do I think another nickname that I sometimes call her: Perpetual Motion. The girl is constantly on the go. When we get together with Amy's parents, Jada is usually in motion the entire time; even when she's latched into her high chair, she'll rock back and forth (and shovel fruit into her mouth). It's not that she's ADD or anything -- she has a pretty good attention span, and sometimes likes to look at books and play quietly by herself -- it's just that she's got so much energy, especially after a good meal, that she just has to run around to burn it all off. Hence, "Perpetual Motion."
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