Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Whole Bible

We've received a handful of kids' Bibles from friends and family for
Jada, but I haven't cracked any of them yet. I've decided instead to
save them for when she can read the stories by herself. For now, the
version I've been reading to her each morning is a full, adult one.

And we haven't skipped a page yet, which means some mornings we cover
pages of genealogies and censuses and other mornings we get a fairly
graphic account of bloodshed or of family dysfunction. I've certainly
covered passages that wouldn't dare be selected for the children's

My goal is to read Jada the whole Bible in two years; by then, we hope
to have another one who I'll read the whole Bible to, and then Jada
can start looking at the kids' versions on her own. I never did like
skipping around, so I figure it's good for me and for our kids that we
just plow through the Bible from front cover to back cover.

So every morning it's a couple of chapters (a few more on the
weekends), until we've completed the whole Bible. Even though the
kids' versions are shorter and have much better pictures, there's
something to be said for just plain reading the whole thing. I
recommend it!

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