Monday, June 05, 2006

Loves Her Bath

Some kids, so I hear, loath bathtime. Not our Jada. As soon as she
hears the sound of water, she squeals with delight and waves her
limbs. A couple of times, she's even escaped my grasp and bolted up
the stairs to the bathroom ahead of me.

When we gently lay her in the tub, she'll sit there motionless at
first, as if she's easing herself in. Then, we dump a pail of water
on her, and she faces the downpour, mouth agape, giggling once the
pail is empty and motioning for another round.

She especially enjoys when Amy bathes her, because Amy will spell out
made-up words with these foamy letters that stick to the side of the
tub. With every made-up word, Jada laughs harder and harder, until
the both of them are howling to their heart's content.

I think I've shared before that one of Amy's very favorite things in
the world is to bathe Jada. Well, it turns out it's one of Jada's
very favorite things, too.

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