Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dear Mama

Dear Mama,

While you were out running errands, I did some cleaning while Dada supervised. First, I vacuumed my bedroom with my special vacuum cleaner. I even got under the crib, like I’ve seen you do it. Then, I took the clothes in one dresser drawer, which you had nicely folded and put away, and threw them all on the floor so I could look at them. I was about to leave the room and do something else, but Dada made me put all the clothes back in the dresser drawer. I hope that I put away as neatly as I found it. Then, I did a little bit more vacuuming in the hallway; I haven’t seen you vacuum there, so I figured the area was due for a little vacuuming. Dada and I love you and we are now waiting for you to come home.


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