Thursday, April 20, 2006

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Yesterday our contact from the adoption agency came out for a six-month follow-up visit.  The questions she asked made us reflect back on six months of being with Jada.  It seems so long ago that we first got her, that she was adjusting to us and us to her, that she was crawling and teething and waking up in the middle of the night.   We're so thankful to God for our daughter and for the smooth process the adoption agency took us through to get her.

We also briefly discussed the process for adopting another baby.  In some cases, we'll have to do the same paperwork that we did the first time, because some of the stuff is time-sensitive.   In other cases, we just have to do updates, or can skip things altogether because we're already in the system.   It's a good thing we have less to do and plenty of time to do it, too, because I know we won't be able to replicate the feverish pace we set the first time around, not with Jada now in the mix. 
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