Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Barnyard Fun

I wish I had brought my camera yesterday when Amy, Jada, and I went to the zoo.  It was their second time and my first.  Jada especially enjoyed the Tastykake Childrens' Zoo area.  We put her down on the ground amidst a small gathering of roosters and hens.  She had a Saltine cracker in her hand.  An aggressive rooster strutted up to her, sized her up, and then with its beak snatched the cracker out of her hand as Jada backpedaled.  Later, she had a more enjoyable feeding moment, as we put a handful of pellets in her hand and the lambs and goats came over and ate them out of her hand.  She really enjoyed petting the lambs and the goats, shrieking after every time she touched their soft hair.  She even pulled her hand away from me when I tried to take her away from the petting area, with a "not now, I'm having fun" look on her face.  I'm so glad we got this membership and that Jada will be able to look back on a childhood full of many visits to the local zoo.
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