Thursday, February 09, 2006

Puppy Love

I've been much busier this semester, so like the readers of this blog
I often experience the joys of Jada vicariously, in my case through
the colorful accounts of my wife. Last week, she told me Jada had her
first encounter with a puppy. She spotted it at the playground and
was mesmerized by its wagging tail. The dog's owner gave the OK to
Amy to come closer, and Jada got even more excited when she was able
to pet the dog's fur – just like in the board book, but bigger and
more wriggly. As if that wasn't enough, the puppy gave Jada a huge
lick on the cheek! Well, Jada was just about beside herself in giggly
delight. And thus, a dog lover was born.

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