Monday, February 06, 2006

Growing Faster Than Scheduled

Kids have inconsistent growth patterns, it seems, and it appears that
Jada's in a spurt right now. As a result, her eating and sleeping
habits are different than what I'm used to. Amy and I have tried to
find a balance between giving Jada structure to her day without
letting the structure overburden us. Which means we have a general
idea when meals and naps should happen, but on any given day we let
her cues tell us exactly when.

So I've been caught off guard a few times this past week or so when I
got the cues but way off from the general time ranges I was used to
getting them. Hungry again, way before your dinner? Rubbing the
eyes, after already getting your nap in just a couple of hours before?

Amy's much better than I am at reading the cues. I like to follow a
schedule; Amy prefers to observe. And what we're observing is a
little girl who's growing body requires more food and rest now than
what it did before.

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