Friday, February 10, 2006

Me Later, Her Earlier

My friends sometimes tease me for going to bed so early: 9ish most
nights, definitely by 10ish. What can I say, I like getting up early,
and I'm at the age when that means I end up getting tired relatively

Lately, though, I've been staying up late, well late for me. Amy
worked Sunday night until midnight, so instead of calling it a night
earlier in the evening I stayed up and started working on our taxes,
finishing up right about when she got home. The next two nights, I
had class until 9 and then did another couple of hours of studying
when I got home. It had been awhile since I stayed up past 12 three
nights in a row. Undergrads pull all-nighters; I pull mid-nighters.

Fortunately, while I've been staying up later, Jada's been going to
bed earlier. She's gone down – easily, without hardly any fuss –
between 6:30 and 7 the last three nights. And she still stays asleep
until about 8 the next morning. And not a peep during those 13+ hours
of sleeping.

Oh, she can be cranky between dinner and bedtime, i.e. the hour or so
between the time she's done eating at 5ish and the time we start her
bedtime routine around 6ish. But she is an absolute angel when she
falls asleep in your arms, and an absolute ball of giggles when you
get her the next morning. I'm so thankful to God that she is sleeping
well and that she sleeps for so long.

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