Sunday, December 11, 2005

Introducing Jada to a Dear Friend

Yesterday, Amy and I took Jada to a memorial service for my dear
friend Glenn, who passed away a year ago last Wednesday at the age of
29. Glenn was one of my best friends, and I miss him dearly. He was
my emergency contact as well as my wife's, and we called on him many
times and he answered the call every single time. Glenn and I helped
each other through some low points in our lives, and we celebrated
each other's high points. I count myself fortunate that I had a
friend like Glenn, even if for a relatively short period of time.

After the service was over at the gravesite, I brought Jada up to the
tombstone and told her all about my friend Glenn. It occurred to me
that though Glenn never got a chance to meet Jada, he played a part in
us getting her. He prayed for me before I got married to Amy, he
prayed the two of us once we got married, and he prayed for our
adoption process once we got that going. In a sense, in bringing Jada
to the tombstone, I wasn't just telling Jada about my dear friend and
what wonderful person he was. I was also telling Glenn about Jada,
that after all his prayers over all those years, God had answered.

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