Thursday, December 08, 2005

Adopting Again

Amy and I have had such a great time with Jada that we're casting
reason to the side and preparing to do it all again. We figure that
if we want to do number two by Summer 2007, we'll want to start the
process this coming spring, which hopefully mean our application will
be done by the summer, our referral will arrive next spring, and we'll
be in China that summer.

But before we even start that process in a few months, we might have
already adopted a child. Jada, that is. You see, her adoption is
technically a foreign one, which Pennsylvania accepts but not all
states do. We can't know if other states will come around down the
road, so when we first started the process last year our agency
recommended that we eventually do a re-adoption once we're back from
China. That is, we get a lawyer to file some papers and then have a
hearing before a county judge. That second adoption of Jada, of
course, would be a Pennsylvania adoption, which all states accept.

So even as we've starting thinking about number two, we've started the
process of adopting number one – again.

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