Monday, December 12, 2005

One Eye Open

I'm sick again. Second time in two months since we've gotten Jada.
This one doesn't appear to be as bad as last month's ten-day wipeout,
but still it's a bummer to be under the weather. I've tried to be
vigilant about washing my hands and eating well, but to no avail.

I think as a first-time parent, I've had trouble sleeping. Jada's
been wonderful in this area – almost every night, we can count on her
sleeping all the way through the night. Most of my friends who have
small children would kill to be getting the eight consecutive hours I
get at least six days a week.

But every once in awhile, Jada does wake up in the middle of the
night. And because I wake up so early in the morning, by the time
I've gotten her back down I usually figure I'd be better off just
staying up. So there have been days when my day has started at 3:30
am, or 2:30 am, or even (an extreme case) 12:30 am. I actually tend
to be pretty productive with this extra time, and the times I've
decided on going back to bed rather than staying up, I end up sleeping
with one eye open anyway. So the next time it happens, I'll probably
stay up again.

Still, I pay for it the next day. And this past weekend, I think a
couple of these half-nighters from the week before finally caught up
to my immune system. So hopefully, Jada will continue to be a good
nighttime sleeper. And hopefully, on the nights she's up and needs
help getting back down, I can get back to sleep with both eyes closed.

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