Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Driven to Excel

I have heard for many years that there are certain things that are good for babies during their early development years, and so I have tried to do as many of them with Jada as possible, oftentimes multitasking in doing them. I’ll read to her from the Bible (reading to her, Bible knowledge), or sing to her while I’m feeding her (music, food), or play Chinese news off the Internet while I help her stand up or crawl (Mandarin language, exercise). I love doing these things with Jada.

But I wonder sometimes if I am becoming too driven in doing them. Am I overly determined to help her catch up from over seven months of zero physical and cognitive stimulation, like Rocky’s trainer feverishly trying to improve a decided underdog? Is it so important to me, in an idolatrous way, that Jada is smart and athletic and competent? Am I subconsciously competing with my other friends who have just had babies, in a vain exercise to produce the best child? Have I given into the boomer parent mentality, angling for the right mix of skills and credentials to get my child into an Ivy League school?

Important to consider. May I not treat my child like a competition, or help her feel anything but comfortable in her own skin with who she is, no matter who she is. May I be a responsible parent, in providing Jada with a healthy environment so that she can do what all babies do, which is to grow, mentally and physically and socially. And may I love her and accept her and guide her every step of the way.
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