Monday, November 14, 2005

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Now that Amy and I are both starting to feel better – after a week and a half of being sick and sicker – we’re starting to come back from the dead in terms of sociability. Which means that not only are we getting out of our slouch around clothes and into some real ones, but we’re getting Jada out of her pajamas and into prettier things. Neither of us spend a lot on clothes or keep up with the latest fashions, but we’ve gotten so many nice baby clothes from friends and families, so we’ve been trying them out on Jada. And though I am obviously biased, I must say that she is a little cutie.

The other day, I asked Amy, “What happens if Jada grows up to be drop dead gorgeous?” Amy pooh-poohed my what-if, saying we’d love our daughter no matter what. I didn’t disagree; I was just saying, what-if? “I better pick out a stick now to beat the boys away with,” was what I said.

Seriously though, however Jada turns out in the world’s eyes, I want her to know she’s beautiful in our eyes, and ultimately beautiful in God’s eyes. But if she turns out to be drop dead gorgeous in the world’s eyes? I’ve already got a stick picked out, so back off, boys.
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