Friday, November 18, 2005

First Injury

In Amy's words, it was just a matter of time before Jada suffered her first boo-boo.  I regret to say that it happened on my watch. 


I was looking out for Jada in that play hour between wrapping up dinner and winding down for bedtime – always an hour fraught with fussiness and short fuses.  I would stand her up next to something she could hold onto, to help her get more comfortable standing up.  Then, I sat her down on her butt on the rug, usually a safe position. 


But while she was playing with her toy rattle, she teetered over, and unfortunately landed mouth-first on a small metal dumbbell that we have in our living room.  She howled as I tried to comfort her.  I examined her mouth and found a little blood, and though mouth wounds tend to be gushers, I figured this might be serious, so I took her upstairs to the in-house nurse, Mom Amy. 


We took another look inside her mouth and saw a tiny cut on the inside of her upper lip.  Amy held her as she calmed down a bit, and then started whimpering a little more.  We could both tell it was mostly from being tired and wanting to go to bed.  We changed her, fed her a bottle, and before she could get a couple of ounces in her, she was out. 


I felt awful.  Amy assured me everything was going to be OK, and that in the grand scheme of things, a fat lip is not a bad first injury to have.  Well done, Mom Amy, on all fronts.  And well done, Baby Jada, for making it through your first injury. 

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