Friday, August 26, 2005

What is She Like

We only have two pictures of our Jada, and both are posted on the bulleting board atop my desk. I find myself gazing at our daughter, trying to decipher what she is like and who she will become. In one, she looks timid and yet with a fierceness that says, “I’m a survivor.” In another, she is smiling; I imagine that she will grow up to be a happy and friendly girl.

I thought the long waiting period from the time we got the last piece of paperwork in to the time we got our referral would be the time that tried our patience the most. And at seven months, it did feel like an eternity at times. But I feel this shorter time, from the time we know that we have a daughter and see our first pictures of her, to the time we will meet her sometime early next month, I feel this time has caused us the deepest sense of longing.

Many of who have adopted before us have told us how God uses this time of waiting to cultivate patience amidst anticipation. Well, He’s working overtime with us on this one, because we ache to meet our little girl. There is so much to read in two pictures, but so much more we will learn about her once we finally meet her. We can’t wait.
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