Wednesday, August 31, 2005

All Over the Place

In preparation for bringing our daughter home from China, I’ve been wreaking havoc on the house, in terms of steaming off wallpaper, sanding down walls and ceilings, and priming and painting hallways. Because I’ve recently quit my job and school doesn’t start until next week, I can just plow through this home improvement project for hours on end. Never mind that paint chips, dust, and supplies are everywhere. Hard on Amy, who prides herself on keeping a clean house. But soon enough everything will be back to normal . . . for Jada to wreak havoc on everything all over again!

Another aspect of preparing a house for a baby is that rite of passage many parents go through: assembling the crib. Of course, our experience was an adventure, from the usual housework-related fight to the repeated line of “how many Ivy League grads does it take to assemble a crib?” But it’s finally assembled, as is a gorgeous new bookshelf; leave it to bookworm Amy to coordinate all the baby furniture around the bookshelf. Can’t wait to fill it with books!
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