Saturday, August 06, 2005

We Have a Name

Multiple-choice question: JADA is . . .

(a) the Journal of the American Dental Association

(b) “next hottest band out of Boston” (at least that’s what they say)

(c) a diecast collectible toy car company with the slogan, “Keeping it Real!”

(d) the name of our first daughter

(e) all of the above

Yes, we have decided on the name Jada (pronounced “JAY-duh”). It’s Hebrew, from the word meaning “wise.” It sounds kind of close to what the caretakers at her orphanage currently call her (“Wei”). And, in conjunction with her Chinese name, Jia-Wei, it gives her the initials “JJ,” which sounds like the Chinese words for “older sister” (which she will be, if we decide to do this all again). And I suppose I thought that Jada Pinkett Smith was pretty cool in the second and third Matrix movies, so that counted for something.

Jada Jia-Wei Huang. Finally, a name for our baby. Finally, a baby for our family.

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