Friday, August 05, 2005

Chinese Name

I spoke with my mom last night and got the correct pronunciation of our daughter’s Chinese name. For those of you who are familiar with Chinese tones, it’s the second tone for “Ning,” first for “Jia,” and second for “Wei.” “Ning” is from the county she was found, while “Jia” means “good” and “Wei” means “great (in size).” “Good/great”: not a bad name for a kid! As if that wasn’t enough to give her a big head, “Jia-Wei” sounds awfully close to “Yahweh,” which is Israel’s name for God and means “I am that I am.” I love a name rich in layers and meanings. So we’ll keep “Jia-Wei” as her Chinese name. We’re still mulling over an American name. (My wife would tell you she’s decided on a name, and I’m being stubborn in not giving in!)
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