Friday, August 18, 2017


I took a personal day earlier this week to take Jada to Washington DC.  We hit the road at 6:30am and slogged through notorious DC traffic to our parking spot in Southwest.  We stashed the car there and walked a little over a mile to our first stop, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.  What a powerful and poignant experience.  My third time but Jada's first, and though she has read countless books, taking the whole thing in was something mighty for her.  She was excited when I gave her free rein in the book section of the gift shop at the end.

From there, we hoofed it over two miles to Nationals Park in the sweltering heat and despite questionable navigation on my part.  We got bleacher seats so the sun baked us good.  We sought respite in sunscreen, the occasional breeze, lots of water, and some ice cold drinks during and after the game.

We left the game early to beat the crowds and traffic, and within 15 minutes were back to our car and on our way back home.  Jada slept soundly on the drive home, and I stifled many yawns but mostly smiled a lot at the thought of having spent a good solid day of quality time with my daughter.  I will cherish these times and will hope for many more.
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