Thursday, March 16, 2017

Poetry Jam

It's well after Black History Month ended, but Asher and I finally got through The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes.  860 poems in total, or about 25 a day since we started in early February.  (As you may know, some are quite short while others are longish.)

The anthology is organized chronologically, so it was interesting to see the progression of themes and styles play out over time.  it was also interesting to see that Asher went from resisting the book (because he wanted something more visual or tactile to interact with) to requesting the book (because it had become part of our bedtime routine).

Tomorrow I'll post more about Asher's readings and make a request for additional titles.  For now, let me just note here some of my favorite poems from this collection.

I, Too
The Ballad of Ozie Powell
The Bitter River
Ballad of the Man Who's Gone
Where Service is Needed
Signs of Spring
The Kids in School with Me

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