Tuesday, March 14, 2017

No Longer the Center of the Universe

Asher may be delayed in some aspects of his development but he is otherwise rounding into his "terrible two's" quite nicely, which is to say like a wrecking ball with an attitude.  Though we know better, we've all too often reinforced for him that tantrums do in fact work for getting him what he wants.  The orbit of the Huang family firmly revolves around him, between two weary parents and two doting older siblings, and this little boy who is just shy of two years old has no concept that it could be any other way.

Ah, but a new force is about to come that will throw his whole world off-kilter.  Jordan's arrival will rock Asher's world, in that he will learn that in fact he is not the center of the universe.  It's a good life lesson but will be a highly disruptive one.  I'm sure he will end up being a good big brother and that that will be an important part of who he becomes.  But in the meantime the fireworks should be spectacular.  I of course will be your intrepid reporter and paparazzi through it all.

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