Friday, December 16, 2016

Terrible Times

The thing they don't tell you when you first become a parent is that the "terrible two's" actually start around 18 months and don't end until almost 4.  And so, after many years of calm, we are back in this place, with Asher.  It is a trying time, even if we've seen this movie before, because he fights and tantrums and resists and cries so many more times a day than the cherubic version of him from just a month or two ago.

This too shall pass.  His communication skills will improve, so he won't be as frustrated about not being able to understand what we're trying to say or express what he's feeling.  He'll hopefully learn, from what we reinforce and what we ignore, that tantrums don't work but asking nicely does.  And he'll be in a better position to realize that sometimes when he doesn't get what he wants because we have something even better in store for him, just maybe we can be trusted to do right by him at all times.

Until then, pray for us.  !!!

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