Monday, December 26, 2016

San Jose, Day 1

It's time for our annual jaunt to San Jose to see family.  We spent Christmas Day opening presents (kids) and tending to last-minute chores (adults), and then got our belongings ready for our trip.  For the record: 1 bag for me, Aaron, and Jada; 1 bag for Amy and Asher; 1 bag for presents; and 1 bag for food!

We headed to the airport in the late afternoon and took a very long flight to California, during which Asher pummeled every person and seat with a 5-foot radius and Amy and I looked at each other with dismay.  Aaron and Jada were champs, reveling in video game and snack food time, and helping us with Asher as needed.  But it was still a slog.  Eventually we arrived and made a fairly smooth navigation to the rental car place and then to the hotel, where we were eventually successful in putting Asher to bed some 7 hours after his usual bedtime (11pm local time but 2am body time).

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