Friday, November 11, 2016

Wii the People

I did not grow up with a video game system in my house, and I wasn't nearly as arcade-crazy as my friends.  So I'm not much of a gamer, and much to my kids' chagrin there isn't much of an opportunity for them to get into it either (except when they go to friends' or relatives' houses).  Who needs it anyway?  It's just a waste of time, and their lives are already busy enough with school, extra-curriculars, and chores.

Ah, but video games can be fun too.  And the kids have been good.  So Amy procured a hand-me-down Wii and she adores playing it with Aaron and Jada.  (Asher dances along.)  I haven't gotten into it yet myself - bah humbug - but I don't mind and in fact quite like seeing them having fun together.  They know their limits, and within those limits they derive pleasure and do it together.  Fine by me.

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