Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bring Me the Books

Much of parenting life is managing your kids' sleep schedules.  Both because sleep is for their good, and because when they sleep you can sleep.  (Or whatever else you desperately need more time for.  Which is often sleep!)

Asher is largely sleeping through the night, which is great.  What has become even more special is that when he finally does wake up in the morning, he wants to look at his books.  So I can turn the light on and hand him some books, and he's good for another 15 to 30 minutes of alone time. 

That sliver of time is precious in the morning, given that the adults in the house are running around getting ready for work, making breakfasts and lunches, and juggling however many other chores didn't get done the night before.

It's also precious because books are good for kids, and it bodes well that Asher is getting into them.  "Bring me the books" may prove to be Asher's first full sentence!

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