Sunday, October 23, 2016


Poor Asher is sick again.  This time it's viral and it's contagious.  So apologies if we are a little more sequestered than usual.

Oftentimes kids get sick a lot once they start going to day care, as they are exposed to lots of other kids and their germs.  Asher's vulnerability comes from his being very social, which puts him in constant contact (literally) with kids and adults wherever he goes, including total strangers.  I joke that he's running for mayor, with the way he is ever ready to wave and kiss and connect.

Anyway, these times too will pass.  Although it's been a drag, both because we can't put him in Kid Watch at the Y so our free time is constrained too, and because of course Asher doesn't feel good so he's unhappy.  I'm sick, too, so I can certainly relate to not feeling 100 percent.  Soon enough we'll all be well again.

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