Sunday, September 04, 2016

Rehoboth Beach, Days 13-15

Day 13
First really bad weather day, so it makes us realize how fortunate we've been on this trip so far.  My sunrise walk with Asher was pretty soggy and gray but it was still nice to do.  The rain kept us inside for the whole morning, during which Amy's sister arrived to stay with us for the last couple of days.  We finally headed out in the afternoon after Asher's second nap, to ride rides and play games on the boardwalk, and then to get dinner and ice cream.  We are already starting to think about packing and cleaning; can it be that our magical vacation is coming to an end?

Day 14
Sigh...our last full day of vacation.  Once again, Asher and I went for a morning walk and saw the sun rise.  Amy took her sister and Asher for a walk so I could do a quick run to the Y.  We got ready for the beach during Asher's morning nap and then hit the beach hard, in the knowledge that this was our last go for this trip.  I took Asher in for his afternoon nap and then start packing stuff up before falling asleep myself.  Everyone else stayed way longer at the beach to milk the last few hours and minutes.  We ate leftovers and otherwise cleaned up the kitchen before heading to the boardwalk to use up our last ride tickets.  After the kids went to bed, we did some more packing and then left the rest for the morning.  What a great trip we've had, so it was bittersweet to reminisce at the end of it. 

Day 15
Asher and I were up early again for one last sunrise walk.  Except that the sun never came out.  The morning was grey and angry, so we came back home fairly quickly.  Soon enough everyone was up and we were all taking turns cleaning things, entertaining Asher, and packing the car.  Of course it started pouring just as I was trying to tie down the cargo holder atop our car, which left me and many of our belongings quite soggy.  No matter: eventually we got everyone and everything in, and it was bye to Rehoboth Beach and hi to Philly.  Asher seemed particularly pleased to be reacquainted with all his toys at home, and after fighting us hard he even went down for his afternoon nap.  We're glad to be home, sad vacation is over, but grateful for all the fun we had.

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