Friday, September 16, 2016

Masters in Communications

So far Asher doesn't have many words but we are anticipating a veritable explosion soon, since he is babbling a lot.  As of now, he really only knows three words, and he doesn't really say any of them correctly.

First is "up," which sounds more like "up'm" or "up me."  He knows it's what he is to say when he wants to get out of his high chair or stroller, and it is the cutest thing when he says it because it says it so earnestly and angelically.

The other two are "Mommy" and "Aaron," although they sound more like "Ommy" and "Aywee."  I think he knows these are Amy and Aaron's names but he says them a lot when they're not around too.  Not sure why he hasn't gotten the hang of "Daddy" or "Jada" yet.

And...that's it.  But more to come.
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