Monday, August 29, 2016

Rehoboth Beach, Days 7-9

Day 7
Asher made it to 6:15am so that was helpful.  I took him for our morning walk on the boardwalk and then to the Y for a workout.  When we returned for his morning nap, Amy's parents were ready to take the older kids to the tide pools while Amy hit the beach.  We all joined her later in the morning once Asher woke up.  He hit the sand and ocean hard, so barely two hours later he was ready for his afternoon nap.  I took him back to the house and slept myself, and then got Chinese take-out.  Amy and the older kids made it all the way to 5:00pm, so they had quite a long day in the sun.  We ate well and played board games into the evening.  A nice, relaxing, and beautiful day in Rehoboth Beach.

Day 8
We are at the halfway point of our beach vacation and glad we are not going home.  Amy's parents did go home, though, so we bid them adieu.  Asher and I were again the first ones up, and this time we headed out for our boardwalk stroll right away, so we got to see the sunrise.  We came back in time for a quick bite for breakfast, and then Amy and I took him to the Y.  Kid Watch is actually closed next week so this is our last time leaning on the caring people there to watch our littlest one while we work out.  We got back in the late morning in time for naps for Asher (and several others of us!).  No one was ready to hit the beach once he woke up, so we tottered around the boardwalk to play games and ride rides.  Another nap session ensued, and when Asher awoke Amy and Aaron begged off the sun so I took Jada and Asher to the ocean.  We had fun in the water and on the sand, but once Asher started shoveling the grainy stuff into his mouth we knew it was time to go.  We heated up leftovers for dinner and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Day 9
Weekends are busy around here so we eschewed the attractions and stuck with the beach and boardwalk, which are still enjoyable even when crowded.  Kid Watch at the Y is no longer available to us as there are always renovations last week of the summer, so Amy and I had to trade off in the morning to get our workouts in, with Amy working out while I took Asher to the supermarket and me working out while Asher had his morning nap.  The beach was absolutely delightful, even though it claimed a few casualties: I got my knees scraped up when I got pummeled by a wave (I left my glasses on the beach this time!), Jada irritated her ear the same way, and Amy lost an earring.  The girls stayed out because when I brought Asher in for his afternoon nap, Aaron declared that he was done with the sun.  We got takeout pizza and watched Disney movies into the night.

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