Friday, August 26, 2016

Rehoboth Beach, Days 4-6

Day 4
Asher actually woke up on the earlier side, around 5:45am, and once he's up the rest of us are not going to be able to sleep anymore since it's a pretty small house.  So we took the opportunity to do a family walk around town, including stops for coffee and donuts.  We hit the Y like we normally do but didn't stay as long, so we were back in plenty of time for Asher's nap and to get ready for another beach run.  Asher slept until almost noon so Amy, Jada, and Aaron headed for the beach first and then I followed with Asher after.  It's been really lovely weather so far, so it was quite enjoyable to splash around in the water, people-watch, and see the ocean and sand from Asher's eyes.  He tired quickly in the sun so by the time I schlepped him back to the house, washed off all the sand, and got him a bottle, he was out again and it wasn't even 2.  Amy's parents arrived a little before 2, got themselves unpacked, and headed for the beach themselves.  By 4ish, everyone was back in the house and ready to head back out, but Asher was still sleeping.  We gently rousted him out of his stupor and headed out for dinner, boardwalk games, and ice cream.  It was really quite nice out so it was a very pleasant time.

Day 5
Asher woke up earlier than usual and it was downhill from there.  He was so crabby at breakfast that we put him down for his morning nap way early, and our schedule was never quite right after that.  When he arose, Amy took him and her mom shopping while the rest of us went to the beach.  I reveled in some Asher-free beach time...for about two whole minutes, until disaster struck.  I was in the ocean way too far and a wave hit me in the face and knocked my glasses clear off.  When I emerged, they were nowhere to be found.  I asked the lifeguard what the chances were that they could be located and he just shook his head grimly.  I tottered around the beach and ocean for minutes, literally blindly, even though it was a fruitless search.  I finally resigned myself to having to buy a new pair and got a nearby optometrist on the line...but while I was holding, the lifeguard emerged with my glasses!  A gentleman had been sitting near the waves and they just washed up to his feet.  I can't tell you how desperate and panicky my prayers were up until that moment that God answered them.  I had to sit down at that point, I was shaking so bad from my good fortune. The rest of the day was spent wrestling Asher to sleep, chasing him while he tottered around tiredly, and barbecuing to celebrate Amy's birthday.  It was a tiring day but the fact that I could end it with my glasses on my face rather than literally not being able to see made it an unforgettable one.

Day 6
Asher woke up early again, so that got things off to a bumpy start again.  The silver lining was that I took him on a long walk on the boardwalk while everyone else was still sleeping, and it was quite peaceful to take in such beautiful scenery.  The kids got homemade pancakes courtesy of their grandmother, and then Amy and I took Asher to the Y and put him in Kid Watch so we could work out.  When we got back to the house many of us were ready for a nap!  In the afternoon, Jada, Aaron, Amy's dad, and I went mini-golfing while Amy, her mom, and Asher window shopped around the boardwalk.  In the late afternoon, we headed to the boardwalk for amusement rides, dinner, and ice cream.  It was nice to take a break from the beach for a day; even though it was yet another beautiful day, staying out of the sun for a bit was probably a good idea.

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