Monday, July 11, 2016

Kid-Free Bliss

Jada and Aaron have been away at sleepaway camp, so Amy and I thought the weekend they were both gone would be a good time to pay the nanny to let us do an overnighter in town.  We are partial to the Inn at Penn in our neighborhood, but a week before our trip I got a note saying that they messed up our reservation and in fact there wasn't any, um, room at the Inn.  The good news is that they offered five alternatives, and one of them was the very swanky Rittenhouse, right off of Rittenhouse Square.  Good times!

Alas, I stayed up really late the night before, and Amy was exhausted too, so we spent much of our 21 kid-free hours sleeping.  But it was a good sleep!  And, it was just really, really nice to have uninterrupted time together, to watch bad TV and eat McDonald's and get candy bars at CVS.  (I'm pretty sure no one in the history of this hotel has spent their time there like we did.) 

We spent some of our time talking about our kids, whether deconstructing parenting moments or just reminiscing.  We love them dearly.  But we also need our grown-up time, too.  So glad to have gotten a little sliver of it this past weekend.
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