Monday, February 29, 2016

Aaron Swim Meet

Aaron had a swim meet yesterday near Allentown.  He is new to swimming and is one month into competing in a new age bracket (9 to 11), so I knew that he wouldn't be competitive against others but I wanted to see if he could beat his old times.  Sure enough, he finished last or close to last in all his events, but he posted personal bests in two out of three events (50 free, 50 breast, and 50 back) and did well in a new event (100 free).  There's plenty of room for improvement: he actually DQ'ed the 50 breast (we're not sure why so he's going to ask the coach) and he went out way too fast in his longest event and pretty much ran out of gas at the end.  So, it's back to the pool in order to get better.  There's a life lesson in here somewhere.
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