Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Winter Wonderland

This Saturday was going to be crazy.  Crashing into an already busy regular roster of extra-curricular activities and house chores was Aaron's swim meet in Bucks County, which was going to involve all kinds of shuttling kids back and forth all over the region. 

And then the snow forecast came and took all of those activities away.  I even went grocery shopping on Friday morning instead of my usual Saturday morning, just to get ahead of the snowstorm.  So yesterday for us involved exactly zero scheduled activities.

We all still had a lot of things to tend to inside the house, but we took care of them and then I took Aaron and Jada to Clark Park for some sledding once the initial wave of snow had passed.  With 18+ inches on the ground, it made for plenty of powder to frolic in, and accordingly it seemed the whole neighborhood was there to enjoy it all.

To me it was a bit magical to take it in, as if I was being transported back to more innocent time, not unlike a Charlie Brown winter special where everyone is gathered outside having fun and enjoying the elements.  It is a decidedly urban phenomenon, to be able to walk to a large public space and interact with your neighbors there and along the way.  I'm grateful my kids are making these kinds of childhood memories.

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