Sunday, November 01, 2015

Huang Family Newsletter, October 2015

Aaron and Jada are really getting into their extra-curricular activities.  Aaron has karate three times a week and swimming two or three times a week.  Jada has choir, her gymnastics class is now supplemented with an additional three-hour practice with the pre-competitive team, and her violin lessons at school have led to public performance opportunities. Asher turned six months and a couple of teeth have popped out.  He had a choppy month sleeping, with one two-week period consisting of more middle-of-the-night feedings than the previous three months combined.  He's acclimating to baby food and rice cereal in addition to formula. Amy and Lee are running around crazy with parent, house, and work stuff.  Amy's job has involved many hours of charting at home, while Lee's job is also needing more evenings out and working into the night.  Both could desperately use a good night's sleep!
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