Saturday, October 03, 2015

First Cold in the Asher Era am just now getting over my usual cold.  No matter where the germs come from, whether I try to rest or push through, I seem to suffer the same symptoms and require the same amount of time to recover.  Thankfully, that time has passed.

This time was my first since we got Asher.  A baby adds a level of difficulty to surviving being ill, especially when said baby decides to break his streak of sleeping through the night to greet me at od hours every other day.  And, since I am terribly juvenile about being sick, poor Amy had to deal with more domestic duties in addition to my whining.

Aaron and Jada really stepped up.  They were compliant with my orders to help out around the house, whether they were offered in the annoyance of one whose head is pounding or with the whimper of someone who smells of desperation.  I am deeply appreciative of their help and thinking about a reward commensurate with their effort. 

Best of all, the cold is gone and I can breathe easy again.  Now about those chores from last weekend that I skipped that are now on this weekend's list...
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