Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Huang Family Newsletter, September 2015

Aaron, Jada, and I kicked off the month with a bang, taking a train across the country all the way to California, with stops in Pittsburgh and Chicago and through beautiful scenery like the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains.  We saw my parents and my sister and her family while we were in California before flying home to the start of work and school. 
Aaron and Jada are now in 3rd and 5th grade.  Aaron picked up swim team practices at the local Y and will be starting karate next month.  Jada is doing choir and gymnastics again, and made it to the gymnastics institute’s club team so will be practicing there more.
Asher is now 5 months and is healthy and happy.  He sleeps through the night and is easing his way into solid foods.  Between his parents and siblings and our great nanny and her daughter, he gets lots of care and attention. 
Amy is adjusting to work under new ownership, and now works 3 days a week instead of 3 ½.  She and I do a lot of shuttling of kids to various activities, and I also have to shuttle myself to clients throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.
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