Sunday, October 25, 2015

Facing Up to Your Mistakes

It was a typical whirlwind Saturday morning.  I had already come back from groceries, and Amy was out of the house with Asher and Jada for gymnastics.  In rapid fire, Aaron and I each tended to a series of weekend chores in and around the house.  But something seemed off...

Ack!  I completely forgot that Aaron has karate in the morning, and he had forgotten too.  He was leery of jumping into the lesson so late, and begged to just stay home.  I said absolutely not.  The thought of rolling into the dojo mid-session, everyone's eyes on him, was mortifying to imagine.  I didn't budge.  He wiped away his tears and we made our way to practice.

Integrating in was less painful than he feared.  But it was still embarrassing.  But we talked about it after.  In life, we all make mistakes.  And when we do, it's tempting to want to run and hide.  It's a good life lesson to face up to the consequences instead, even if those consequences include angry eyes and a scolding from a stern sensei.  I'm proud of my boy for facing up. 
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